I’m a nervous wreck.

It seems like there’s dark-darkness-girl-hair-nature-Favim.com-203018a lump in my chest and I’m feeling so anxious that I could hear loud and unclear voices in my head. I think my heart is going to explode with so much emotions. I can barely breathe and I don’t think I’m okay. God I’m not okay. I’ve told myself countless times that I’ll be okay. Everything’s gonna be okay. I fucking have to be okay or else I’m done. I’m too anxious, too nervous and my hands are sweating. Sometimes I do think that maybe the inner part of me finally wanted to give up and let the darkness consume the rest of me. Sometimes my mind goes blank cause of feeling things so much that it makes me badly want to scream. I want to get rid of this heavy feeling in my chest and just be able to breathe calmly. I want to be okay. I don’t understand why do I have to feel this way.

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