I wonder if other people feel the same way as I do.

I’ve always wanted to flandscape,painting,girl,people,scenery,babesd-cadd03495a1a0178096fff52b9d8b6f0_heel something new and I don’t ever want to settle for less but sometimes when I keep listening to my thoughts (i have no choice but listen to them) I might just end up not knowing what I really want. I go from wanting to be consistent to a very inconsistent person. I get very interested when it comes to things that I find clever, strange, risky, unusual, and fascinatingly different. I believe that I’ve lived so many lives of different people in my mind. I know it sounds strange. Sometimes I’d strongly believe that I am a realist, on the other days I believe that there are things beyond what other people perceive as the truth. I’m feeling hostage by strong emotions and I see things through different perspective. I feel things so much that I think I can feel what other people feel and I have visions of how they see things around them. Sometimes I don’t necessarily understand what they feel but I understand how they see the world. I wonder if other people feel the same way as I do. I wonder if they also feel strange and their emotions become so intensified that they feel like they are about to explode because of the very strong emotions that filled their heart and soul. Do they also experience like having flashes of different scenarios and be able to hear loud voices in their head? It bothers me sometimes. Although some days I feel like maybe it’s just a part of me and and it’s just the way I am.

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